Difference in Nutrition & Benefits of Coconut & Evaporated Milk

Rohit Panwar

Choosing between a plant and a diary-based milk like coconut milk versus evaporated milk can be tricky. While both are completely different, they might have similar uses.

Having a clear understanding of both coconut and evaporated milk will help you choose the most beneficial one. As a nutritionist, I am sharing all you must know to make a smart choice. 

Coconut milk Versus EVAPORATED Milk

Coconut Milk Versus Evaporated Milk: What Goes, What Stays?

Let’s begin by understanding the nutritional differences between coconut milk and evaporated milk –

Coconut Milk

Coconut & Water

Evaporated Milk

Cow’s Fresh milk

Coconut Milk


Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk

1 cup

Evaporated Milk

1/2 -1 cup

Coconut Milk


Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk

57 g*

Evaporated Milk

20 g*

Coconut Milk

5 g*

Evaporated Milk

18 g*

Coconut Milk

38-470 mg*

Evaporated Milk

657.8 mg*

Coconut Milk


Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk


Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk


Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk

Very Good

Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk


Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk

Very good

Evaporated Milk


Coconut Milk

Very good

Evaporated Milk

Not Good

Coconut Milk

Sugar & Jaggery 

Evaporated Milk

Coffee & Vanilla

*Source: USDA; Quantity defined is 1 cup

Coconut Milk & Evaporated Milk- Taking a Look At their Base Ingredients

Coconut milk is mostly used in tropical countries and is widely seen to be consumed in South East Asia. It is made from fresh mature coconuts.

Coconut pieces are blended with water and strained to make coconut milk. It can be made easily at home.

Evaporated milk is made by heating cow’s milk until 60% water content in it is reduced. The remaining milk is then poured into bottles and sterilized by heating it.

Evaporated milk has a longer shelf life than normal milk.

Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk Taste & Texture 

Coconut milk has a nutty sweetness to it. It is consumed as such and is widely used in many recipes for its thick texture and great taste. Coconut milk finds its way into many households for making sweet treats for children.

Evaporated milk is sought after for its creamy thick texture. It has a caramelized sweet flavor because of the heating process. Evaporated milk is mostly used to make coffee and desserts.

Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated  Milk: Daily consumption 

It is ideal to consume one cup of coconut milk per day. Reason being, they are rich in fats and calories.

Evaporated milk has a thick texture. If you want to drink it straight, I would recommend diluting it with water to make it easier to gulp. Ideally half a cup of thick evaporated milk is suited for daily consumption.

How Different Are Coconut Milk & Evaporated Milk from Normal Milk?

| Evaporated Milk vs Milk |
| Coconut Milk vs  Milk |

Calorie Count For Coconut Milk Versus Evaporated Milk

Coconut milk is calorie-dense. With a calorie count of 552, it tops as one of the high-calorie drinks. So if a low calorie is your requirement, I would say you either dilute it or consider other low calorie alt milks. 

Since evaporated milk is made by reducing cow milk it is also a high calorie drink. So, it works great for those people who wish to gain weight. If you don’t wish to, you should limit its consumption.

Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk: What You Should Know About Their Fat Content?

The amount of fat in coconut milk is higher in comparison to evaporated milk. These good fats in coconut milk also contribute to its amazing taste.

Although Evaporated milk has lower fat content when compared to coconut milk, it still is quite rich in fats. So, in case you are trying to cut down on fat intake, try to use a diluted version of both these drinks.

Coconut Milk & Evaporated Milk – How Much Proteins Do They Offer?

Coconut milk has a good amount of protein which helps in strengthening the body. But in comparison with Evaporated milk, coconut milk scores less.

Evaporated milk is one of the drinks with the richest source of protein because it is derived from dairy milk. Regular intake of it can contribute to meeting the daily protein requirements of the human body.

Coconut Milk Or Evaporated Milk- Better Choice For Calcium?

Coconut milk lacks behind evaporated milk when it comes to the quantities of calcium.

Evaporated milk on the other hand is an excellent source of calcium as it is made from cow’s milk. This in turn makes it a great option for people in different age groups especially kids for strengthening bones.  

Which Is The Best Time To Consume Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk?

Coconut milk is best to be consumed in the morning. It is also consumed on an empty stomach by many people for its excellent benefits.

Evaporated milk is rich in fats and is most suitable to be consumed in the morning as well. It is also used in your morning cereal of morning coffee or blended with fruits to make a yummy thick drink.

Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk: How Environment Friendly Are They? 

In terms of  environmental impact, coconut milk has a positive effect. The production of coconut is sustainable as uses less water and it helps in reducing green gas emissions

Evaporated milk is made from cow’s milk. More consumption of this milk leads to more grazing of lands for cows. This in turn leads to cutting of trees which is not good for the environment.

Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk: The Vegan Friendly Option

Coconut milk is vegan friendly as it is made from a plant source. If you are thinking of a vegan-friendly option and wondering, can I substitute coconut milk for evaporated milk, yes you can! 

Evaporated milk on the other hand is made from an animal source. Therefore, it’s definitely not an option for a vegan.  

Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk’s Contribution To Oral Health

Coconut milk is great for your oral health as it helps in preventing gum and tooth decay because of its excellent antibacterial qualities. This helps in fighting germ formation in the mouth.

As compared to coconut milk, evaporated milk is better for oral health. This is because it is a  source of calcium and helps in keeping the teeth strong.

Impact On Gut Health: Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk

Although coconut milk is much easier to digest than milk, it must be consumed in recommended quantities. People with digestive issues may have trouble digesting it. 

Evaporated milk is considered to be rich in nutrients that help in easy digestion. However, being a dairy product, it is rich in lactose which might cause allergies for some people. 

Are Coconut Milk and Evaporated Milk Beneficial In Cooling the Body?

Coconut milk is an excellent option for cooling the body. Adding it to cold beverages can help you bring some relief in

Evaporated milk can cool the body but in comparison to coconut milk, it is not a great option. It is because it is very dense and has very less water content. 

Coconut Milk and Evaporated Milk For Body Hydration

Coconut milk is a great option for keeping the body hydrated. The minerals or electrolytes present in coconut milk help in maintaining the water level in the human body. 

Evaporated milk does not work great for hydration as most of the water content in the milk is reduced during the heating process.

What Goes Well With Coconut Milk Vs Evaporated Milk?

Coconut milk is known for its natural sweetness which makes it a yummy drink to be consumed as such. It can also be consumed with sugar or jaggery.

Sweetened coconut milk is used as a complimentary dish for many south Indian breakfast recipes.

Evaporated milk tastes great as such or with added sugar. Evaporated milk with added sweetness is also known as condensed milk. Evaporated milk is consumed with flavors like vanilla and coffee.

As we reach the end of the article I hope you have found clarity around these two drinks. In case you are wondering, Is evaporated milk the same as coconut milk? The answer is no. They are completely different from each other on different levels. 

Both coconut milk and evaporated milk have their own pros and cons. Based on your requirements you can use this article as a guide to choose what works great for you.

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