Must Have For An Active Lifestyle: Flax Or Cow Milk?

Rohit Panwar

The debate about plant milk vs dairy for nourishment is an ever-growing one. There is a lot more confusion when lesser-known plant milk options are compared to dairy. In this blog, we will be pitting one such alt milk against dairy- Flax milk versus cow milk.

As a nutritionist, I will compare flax milk and cow milk benefits and nutrition. This will bring to light all the information you must know about them to make a choice.

Flax milk versus Cow milk


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Comparative Analysis Of Flax Milk Versus Cow Milk Nutrition

Before I delve into the question  flax milk or cow milk which is better, here is a quick comparative look at their nutrition and benefits:

Flax milk

Flax seeds, water

Cow milk

Cow milk

Flax milk

Nutty, neutral

Cow milk

Sweet, creamy

Flax milk

1 cup

Cow milk

1-2 cups

Flax milk


Cow milk


Flax milk

3.25 g*

Cow milk

7.81 g*

Flax milk

2.16 g*

Cow milk

8 g*

Flax milk

24- 450 mg*

Cow milk

300 mg*

Flax milk


Cow milk

Morning, night

Flax milk


Cow milk


Flax milk


Cow milk


Flax milk


Cow milk

Very good

Flax milk

Very Good

Cow milk


Flax milk


Cow milk


Flax milk


Cow milk

Very Good

Flax milk

Honey, vanilla

Cow milk

Vanilla, cocoa

*Source: USDA; Quantity defined is 1 cup

With this information as the base, let me take you through each criteria and elaborate for a better understanding.

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: Understanding The Making & Ingredients Involved

Flax milk is made by grinding flax seeds with water. To make flax milk, flax seeds need not be soaked. However, one needs to be careful when grinding as flax seeds tend to bind together, making the milk slimy.

Cow milk is obtained from mature cows. There are many variations to milk like whole milk, skimmed milk and low fat milk. It has become a significant part of people’s everyday diet. 

Which Has A More Appealing Taste Between Flax Milk & Cow Milk?

Flax milk has a nutty and neutral taste to it. It has a silky texture and mild undertone of bitterness. To make the taste more pleasing, it is usually consumed with something sweet. 

Cow milk is sought for its rich creamy texture and natural sweetness. It is loved by people of all age groups. Cow milk can be consumed as such or can be taken with additives. 

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: How Much Consumption Is Good ?

Flax milk like flax seeds are very nutrient dense. They are known for their health benefits including heart and brain health. Consuming 1 cup of flax milk is ideal to enjoy its benefits. Moreover, too much consumption of flax milk can cause bloating.

Consumption of cow milk varies between people because of its wholesome nutrient content. 1 cup of cow milk is ideal for adults. Children and elderly people might  need more than 1 cup based on their requirements. When it comes to flax milk vs cow milk benefits, both have varied nutrient profiles.

Which Fits Your Calorie Range Better- Flax Milk Or Cow Milk?

Flax milk is low in calories compared to cow milk. It is a great option for people looking for low calorie nutritious drinks. When opting for flax milk, ensure a balanced diet that fulfills the calorie requirements for the day.

Cow milk is high in calories compared to flax milk. It makes for a wonderful post workout drink or to be consumed during a tired break. It keeps one full for a long time and energizes the body.

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: Which Has More Beneficial Fats?

Flax milk is considered to be one of the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids. It is proven to be very beneficial for heart health by reducing cardiovascular risks. 

Cow milk is way higher in fats than flax milk. It is its fat content that makes it very versatile. But like flax milk, cow milk also offers healthy fats that help in keeping the heart healthy. If fat is a concern, cow milk is also available in low fat versions like skimmed milk which has the fat reduced. 

Which Makes For A Good Protein Source Between Flax & Cow Milk?

Protein is one of the most vital elements for everyday growth. Flax milk has less protein content than cow milk. Yet it is one of the few plant milks with good protein content. 

Cow milk is a good source of protein. The protein in cow milk helps in the growth of the cells, strengthens muscles and  facilitates hair growth. In elderly people and children, it prevents muscle loss and promotes growth. 

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk For Better Bone Strength

Homemade versions of flax milk is low in calcium compared to cow milk.  However, the market versions of flax milk are fortified with calcium, that can contribute to healthier bones. 

One of the main reasons cow milk is sought across the globe is for its calcium content. It is very important for improving bone density and strengthening bones and teeth. It is also a rich source of minerals like manganese and magnesium that aid bone health. If you are wondering, flax milk or cow milk which is better for calcium, the answer is cow milk.

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: When To Be Consumed For Best Results?

Flax milk is great to be consumed in the morning. It is a fiber rich milk which keeps you full for a long time. It also helps in improving the body metabolism. Thus, making it a part of your breakfast ensures a great start.

Cow milk is suitable to consume both in the morning and at night. When consumed in the morning, it makes for a very nutritious and energising meal. When warm cow is consumed at night, it helps to sleep better.

Better For Building A Greener Tomorrow – Flax Milk Or Cow Milk?

Flax milk is a very sustainable choice compared to cow milk. It requires very little water for growth. Flax milk has less carbon and water footprint which makes it an eco friendly option. 

Cow milk is not a sustainable choice when compared to flax milk. The excess demand for cow milk has increased the need for grazing lands by manifolds. This results in cutting of trees for grazing land, soil erosion and soil damage. Moreover, cow milk has a higher water and carbon footprint which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: Which Is A Vegan Friendly Drink?

Vegan friendly foods refer to complete plant based foods. Flax milk is from a plant source and is a complete vegan drink. When opting for flax milk ensure a balanced diet to ensure complete nutrition. 

Cow milk is not a vegan friendly food as it comes from animal sources. If you are looking for a vegan friendly choice, flax milk suits the requirement best. 

What Has A Positive Influence On Oral Health – Flax Milk Or Cow Milk?

Oral health is one of the indicators of overall health. Flax milk along with its calcium content has anti inflammatory properties that helps in protecting the gums and teeth. 

Cow milk is a rich source of calcium and other minerals that help in strengthening the teeth and gums. Hence it has a very positive impact on oral health. 

Which Is More Beneficial For The Tummy Between Flax Milk And Cow Milk?

Flax milk is lactose free, nut free and gluten free. This makes it a go to option for people with the above allergies. One of the most prominent benefits of flax milk is that it is a very good fiber source. It is a natural laxative that helps to relieve constipation and improves gut health. 

Cow milk can be wonderful for tummy health when consumed moderately. It helps in the growth of good gut bacteria and promotes intestinal health. The lactose in cow milk may not be tolerated by people who are lactose intolerant. It may cause vomiting and other allergic reactions in  them. 

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: Which Is A Natural Body Coolant?

Flax milk by nature is not a cooling food. It is consumed in winters to keep the body warm. However, since flax milk is made with adequate amounts of water, consuming a chilled glass of flax milk in summer helps to bring down the heat. 

Cow milk is a good option for cooling the body. People consume cow milk during summers as chilled flavor based drinks to reduce the body heat. Consumption of butter milk or lassi in summer days supports this fact.

Which Is A Better Hydrating Option Between Flax Milk And Cow Milk?

Flax milk is not a great hydrating option but as they are made with adequate water content which can help in restoring the fluid content in the body.

Cow milk is an excellent source of electrolytes like potassium and sodium. They help in maintaining the water levels in the body and ensure hydration. Cow milk is also known for its ability to promote healthy and soft skin.

Flax Milk Vs Cow Milk: What Does It Go Well With?

Flax milk can be a little difficult to consume due to its mild bitterness. Hence, adding a dash of brown sugar/ jaggery to flax milk is suggested. Flax milk can be consumed as smoothies with fruits or with flavors like vanilla and cocoa. 

Cow milk is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. It is used in coffee, shakes and smoothies with fruits and flavors like vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon. It is also a staple in baking and used in breakfast cereals.

As we reach the end of the blog, you might be wondering, is flax milk better than regular milk? The answer lies in your nutrient requirements and needs. I hope you can use this blog as a guide to find out which is a must have for a healthy lifestyle.

Rohit Panwar

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