Is Greek yogurt or Eggs Better Option for You?

Rohit Panwar

Greek Yogurt versus eggs for breakfast? If you are wondering which one would make a more nutritious option, this blog is all you need.

As a practising nutritionist, let me help you evaluate the benefits and nutrients of Greek yogurt and eggs. By the end of the blog, I assure you, you will have a better idea of which option is best suited for you. 

Greek Yogurt versus eggs


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Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs: Nutrition Facts & Fitness Outcomes

Let us start by quickly comparing attributes including labneh vs Greek yogurt calories, fats and more: 

Greek Yogurt

Milk & culture

Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt

Creamy & Tart

Eggs (Boiled)

Rich & Savoury

Greek Yogurt

1 Cup

Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt


Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt

4 g*

Eggs (Boiled)

1.1 g*

Greek Yogurt

5 g*

Eggs (Boiled) 

11 g*

Greek Yogurt

9 g*

Eggs (Boiled)

13 g*

Greek Yogurt

100 mg*

Eggs (Boiled)

50 mg*

Greek Yogurt

Morning or Noon

Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt


Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt


Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt


Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt

Very Good

Eggs (Boiled)


Greek Yogurt


Eggs (Boiled)


Eggs (Boiled)


Eggs (Boiled)

Very Versatile

*Source: USDA; Quantity per 100g

Now that you have a brief idea about Greek yogurt vs eggs benefits, let me take you through each of these attributes one by one – 

Comparing the Source of Greek Yogurt and Eggs

Greek yogurt is essentially a thicker version or regular yogurt that has less water. The yogurt used for making Greek yogurt  is usually cow’s milk.  

Edible eggs mostly come from birds and have been used as a part of human diet for ages. Since eggs that come from hen are the most consumed type, I have used these for comparison purposes.

Difference in the Taste Greek Yogurt and Eggs

Greek Yogurt is thick and has a slightly sour flavour. This sourness comes from the fermentation of milk. This creamy dairy product has a texture somewhere between cream cheese and yogurt.  

Eggs have a very neutral taste, but you may find the yolk slightly salty. Boiled or cooked eggs are soft to eat, which makes them a good option for all age groups.

Ideal Intake of Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs

Greek yogurt is rich in nutrients including proteins, Vitamins (B)  and minerals (calcium, potassium). It can be consumed daily and the ideal quantity of daily consumption is about one cup.  

Eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins (B, D, A) and minerals (iron, phosphorus, selenium). The number of eggs that can be eaten per day depend on your activity levels, fitness goals, health condition, etc. While weightlifters and bodybuilders can eat more than two eggs, a healthy person should limit their consumption to 1 – 2 eggs per day. 

Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs Calories

If we compare the calories of equal quantities of Greek yogurt and eggs, we find that eggs have higher calorie content. Most of these calories come from the yolk. 

So, if you wish to reduce calorie intake, you can avoid eating the yolk and eat the egg whites. For Greek yogurt too, calorie content can be reduced by opting for low-fat milk based products. 

Which has More Carbs: Greek Yogurt or Eggs?

An advantage that egg has over Greek yogurt is that it is lower in carbs.  One large boiled egg has only 0.6 g of carbohydrates which is fairly low.

So, if you are on a low carb diet, choosing eggs is a better option when compared to Greek yogurt. 

Greek Yogurt Or Eggs: Better Fat Profile?

As is evident from the table, Greek yogurt is much lower in fats as compared to eggs. Low fat Greek yogurts will have even lower fat levels. 

If you are concerned about the fats, you can avoid the egg yolk since it contains a majority of the mix of different types of fat and cholesterol. However, as a healthy person consuming an egg yolk in limited quantities will not do you any harm. 

Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs Protein Comparison

Greek yogurt and eggs are a hit among gym goers for the reason that they are both high in proteins. When we compare the quantity of protein for equal quantities of Greek yogurt and whole boiled eggs, we find that eggs have more protein. 

However, apart from the proteins, eggs are also high in fats and calories, so take that into consideration before making a pick.  

Which Has More Calcium Greek Yogurt or Eggs?

Dairy products are rich in calcium, which makes Greek yogurt a good source of calcium. 

Eggs too are a good source of calcium but when compared to Greek yogurt, they lag behind.  

Best Time to Consume Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs?

The best time to consume Greek yogurt and eggs is in the morning. Being nutrient rich, they will give you the perfect start for the day. 

Both these foods will provide you energy and also keep you full for a longer time.   

Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs: Environment Sustainability Comparison

The traditional versions of Greek yogurt made using dairy milk are not good. The raising of cows for milk is associated with a number of environmental concerns including deforestation, release of greenhouse gasses, etc. 

Eggs on the other hand are less taxing on the environment when compared to dairy products like yogurt. However, when compared to plant-based food they are still quite low on the sustainability list. 

Which One is Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly: Greek Yogurt or Eggs?

Greek yogurt is made from cow’s milk. This makes it suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans.  Vegans can opt for plant based yogurts. However, the alt milk versions may not be as nutritionally rich as those made using milk. 

Although eggs are nutrient rich foods, they are not suitable for the consumption of vegetarians and vegans. However, some vegetarians do consume eggs. 

Greek Yogurt or Eggs: Better for Overall Oral & Bone Health? 

Dairy products like Greek yogurt are some of the best natural sources of calcium which is a key nutrient that helps in maintaining stronger bones and teeth. Apart from the calcium, Greek yogurt also contains phosphorus, which helps with bone health. 

Eggs might have lower calcium levels but they are high in phosphorus, an element that helps in building strong tooth enamel. Also, eggs are a rich source of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health.  

Better for Your Tummy Health: Greek Yogurt or Labneh?

Greek yogurt is a probiotic food. This means that it contains a sizable population of  good bacteria. These good bacteria help in preventing any kind of infection and make digestion easier. 

Eggs are also good for the stomach and are easy to digest. However, some people may find it difficult to digest eggs, especially the yolks. 

What Effect Does Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs Have on the Body?

Greek yogurt has a cooling effect on the body. This makes it an excellent food for the summers. Use it to make smoothies or just enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt to beat the heat. 

Eggs on the other hand have a heating effect on the body. This is why they are loved by people in the winter seasons. 

Greek Yogurt Vs Eggs: How They Can be Used & Consumed?

Greek Yogurt is very versatile as a food product. It can be used with both sweet and salty flavours. You can use it to make savoury dips or creamy smoothies, depending on your preferences. 

Eggs are very easy to include in your diet due to their multiple uses. They can be consumed as such – boiled, poached or fried or can be made into a number of savoury dishes. You can also use them to prepare sweet treats

So, in conclusion, what to choose between Greek yogurt and eggs is totally up to your needs and requirements. Both are nutritious dietary options and make for a great addition to your daily diet.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any additional questions. 

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