People are often sceptical about replacing traditional food items with new ones. This debate has overflowed into the world of milks and people are often left comparing new alt milks with dairy. Hazelnut milk versus Cow milk is one such comparison that has many baffled.

Many people are not aware of hazelnut milk vs cow milk nutritional values and that’s the reason it is difficult to choose the right milk. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. 

Hazelnut milk versus cow milk


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Hazelnut Milk Versus Cow Milk: Nutritional & Outcome Differences

Let us take a look at the comparative hazelnut milk vs cow milk nutrition chart below before we delve into the details – 

Hazelnut Milk 

Hazelnuts & water

Cow milk

Mature Cow 

Hazelnut Milk 

Sweet & Nutty

Cow milk

Sweet & Creamy 

Hazelnut Milk 

1 cup

Cow milk

1 – 2 cups

Hazelnut Milk 


Cow milk


Hazelnut Milk 

9 g*

Cow milk

7.81 g*

Hazelnut Milk 

2 g*

Cow milk

8 g*

Hazelnut Milk 

24 – 240 mg*

Cow milk

300 mg*

Hazelnut Milk 

Morning or Bedtime

Cow milk

Morning or Bedtime

Hazelnut Milk 


Cow milk


Hazelnut Milk 


Cow milk


Hazelnut Milk 


Cow milk

Very good

Hazelnut Milk 

Very good 

Cow milk


Hazelnut Milk 


Cow milk

Very good 

Hazelnut Milk 


Cow milk

Very Good 

Hazelnut Milk 

Cocoa, Vanilla

Cow milk

Saffron, Ginger 

*Source: USDA; Quantity defined is 1 cup

I hope this table gave you insights into the differences between hazelnut milk and cow milk but for further clarity let me add a few more details.

Hazelnut Milk vs Cow Milk: Know About the Base Ingredients

Hazelnut milk is a tree nut milk made with soaked hazelnuts and water. Originated in Turkey, Spain and Italy these tiny nuts gained enormous popularity due to their use in delicious Nutella – a chocolate and hazelnut spread. After soaking for 6 to 8 hours, blend them with water in a high speed blender. Sieve the liquid to get a smooth texture and your DIY Hazelnut milk is ready. Market versions have stabilizers to keep the milk fresh for a longer duration. 

Cow milk is produced by adult cows. World’s 81 percent farm milk comes from cows. Throughout the world Cow milk is a main source of nutrition for many people. Human race has been using Cow milk as a drink for ages and it is an integral part of many cultures and traditions.   

Hazelnut Milk vs Cow Milk Taste: Which One Is Better?

Hazelnut milk is known for its delicious sweet and nutty taste. It is thicker in texture compared to the cow’s milk. Hazelnut milk is used to make many pastries and desserts due to its taste and texture. 

Cow milk is also slightly sweet in taste and people often love to have it straight without adding anything. Cheese, Kefir, yogurt, buttermilk are some of the things that can be made with cow milk. Cow milk is also used to make many desserts and savoury dishes. 

Recommended Daily Intake of Hazelnut Milk Versus Cow Milk

1 cup of Hazelnut milk is enough per day to get all the benefits with this nutritious plant based milk. You can consume it straight or blend with fruits such as strawberries, bananas to make a smoothie. 

Cow milk is full of many macro and micro nutrients and if you are not lactose intolerant then adding 1 cup of cow milk to your daily routine is highly recommended. Children and teenagers can have up to 2 cups because they need more calcium to grow. 

Caloric Difference Between Hazelnut Milk vs Cow Milk

There is a significant difference in calories between hazelnut milk and cow milk. Hazelnut milk has less calories than Cow milk. If you are following a low calorie diet then Hazelnut milk is a better option for you.

If you don’t want to skip cow milk then either reduce the quantity or have a low fat variety to keep your calorie intake low. 

Hazelnut Milk vs Cow Milk: Which Has More Fat Content?

Hazelnut milk is a rich milk and contains more fat than cow milk. Though the fats in Hazelnut milk are considered healthy fats for you if consumed in moderation. 

Compared to whole cow milk, skim milk has less fat so if you want to cut the fat content further down than use the low fat variations of cow milk. 

Which Has More Protein: Hazelnut Milk or Cow Milk ?

Protein is an essential element for your body to repair cells and build up muscles. It is important to have enough protein through diet everyday because the body can not produce protein itself. 

As the table above shows, cow milk has a lot more protein than hazelnut milk. If you are physically very active then it is better to choose cow milk over Hazelnut milk. Try to add other protein rich sources in your diet if you are opting for hazelnut milk. 

Hazelnut Milk vs Cow Milk: Which Gives You More Calcium?

DIY Hazelnut milk has very little calcium in it. But the commercial packs are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential mineral to absorb calcium by the body. 

Cow milk is a rich source of calcium and that is one of the biggest selling points of this farm milk. Calcium rich food is most importantly necessary for growing children and that’s the reason it is recommended to have cow milk regularly.  

Dawn or Dusk: Best Time to Consume Hazelnut Vs Cow Milk

It is better to have your cup of Hazelnut milk in the morning because the body will have enough time to digest it. It will also keep you full for a longer time. Hazelnuts have serotonin, which is a helpful compound for a sound sleep.  So, it is also fine to take Hazelnut milk at night 1 hour before going to bed. 

Same with the cow milk, morning breakfast is the best time to add cow milk in your daily regime. Though many people prefer to have warm cow milk at night because it is considered that warm milk helps you to sleep better. 

Impact on Environment: Is Hazelnut Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk?

Plant based milks have less carbon footprint compared to dairy milk. This fact makes Hazelnut milk more eco-friendly than farm milks. 

Hazelnuts don’t need a lot of water like almond milk and their plant also helps to avoid soil erosion. All these qualities make hazelnut milk a far better environment friendly and sustainable choice compared to cow milk. 

Which Can Be Added to Vegan Diet: Hazelnut Milk or Cow Milk?

Anything which comes from animals, can not be part of a vegan diet. Vegan people don’t consume meat products, dairy products, poultry, honey and any other animal products.

That means hazelnut milk can be added to a vegan diet but not cow milk as it is an animal product. Hazelnut milk is a good choice for Keto diet as well in which you have low calorie and high fat foods. 

How Hazelnut Milk Versus Cow Milk Affect Your Teeth?

Hazelnut milk has many micronutrients such as magnesium and phosphorus which are helpful to boost your oral health. Commercial versions of Hazelnut milk contain calcium which is an essential mineral for strong teeth. 

Cow milk is definitely a good choice for a healthy smile as it is a rich source of calcium. Calcium is not only helpful to make teeth and gums strong but also rebuild the tooth enamel.

 Is Hazelnut Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk for The Tummy?

Hazelnut milk is an excellent source of dietary fiber which assists your digestive system to work smoothly. Hazelnut milk also contains a good amount of Vitamin E, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  This helps to keep your guts protected from inflammation. 

Around 65% of people in the world suffer from lactose intolerance. That proves that not everyone’s stomach can digest Cow milk. If you are allergic to lactose then after1 or 2 hours of drinking milk you will feel bloated, a tummy ache or vomiting sensation. Try to avoid cow milk in such cases.

Hazelnut Milk vs Cow Milk as Body Coolant in Hot Weather

During hot weather it is important to keep your body cool by having naturally cooling beverages or food. Hazelnut milk and Cow milk both are good to bring the body heat down.

These milks will be more effective coolant for the body if consumed chilled. Since a lot of water is added while preparing Hazelnut milk, it is a better way to bring the body temperature down. 

Can Hazelnut Milk and Cow Milk Help You to Stay Hydrated?

Hazelnut milk and Cow milk both are  great ways to keep your skin moist because they contain those amino acids which hydrate the skin and keep it damage free.

Hazelnut milk and cow milk have many electrolytes such potassium, magnesium and phosphorus which help to maintain the water level in the body. This makes both these milk excellent beverages to stay hydrated. 

How to Enhance Flavour and Nutrition of Hazelnut vs Cow Milk?

Chocolate, cocoa powder and coffee go very well with Hazelnut milk. All these 3 additives enhance the flavor of the milk. Besides that you can use various berries to make smoothies with hazelnut milk to make it more nutritious. A pinch of vanilla essence fills the cup with a lot of aroma.

To make cow milk more delectable, colorful and aromatic, you can add saffron, cardamom and ginger. This combination will make your cup of cow milk a heavenly drink. Banana and mango shakes are also very popular milk based drinks among children. 

If you have an allergy from dairy products then avoid cow milk but if you are allergic to nuts then avoid Hazelnut milk. Kindly keep this thing in mind while choosing between these two milks.

Hope this blog helped you clear your doubts regarding Hazelnut milk vs Cow milk. Do write to me, if you have any other query. 

Keep exploring the wonderful world of milk with me.