Are You in Search of the Protein Rich Breakfast Options Without Sugar?

Rohit Panwar

As a practising nutritionist, I often get asked “What can I eat for breakfast if I cut out sugar?” Believe me, after going through these high protein no sugar breakfast recipes, you won’t be out of ideas ever. 

A protein-rich breakfast is nourishing and keeps you full for a longer time.  By opting for no sugar high protein breakfast ideas you can accelerate these benefits further.

36 Scrumptious High Protein No Sugar Breakfast Choices To Try 

You won’t miss your pancakes, cereals or smoothies after trying these delectable and easy high protein no sugar breakfast recipes:


Millet Bowl: Vegetarian High Protein No Sugar Breakfast 🌱

The tiny millets are full of protein and low in carbs. Since they are easy to cook, they are perfect for breakfast. Instead of taking only one millet, mix 2-3 types millets to get more nutrients. 

Take oil in a pan and add onion and garlic. Then add vegetables of your choice along with salt and pepper. Further add in your washed millets with water or vegetable stock. Cook well and top it with roasted seeds for a crunch. 


Tofu & Veggie Scramble: A Delicious Plant Protein Breakfast With No-Sugar 🌱

Tofu scramble is a delightful vegan substitute for egg scramble. This high protein breakfast is sugarless and will provide you many nutrients present in tofu like calcium, vitamin K etc. 

Sesame oil is best for all tofu recipes but you can use others too. Add chopped garlic, onion, ginger, cabbage, carrot and beans in hot oil. Then mix scrambled or grated tofu. Add salt, pepper, cumin powder and leeks and give a good mix before serving. 


Edamame & Spinach With Avocado: Go Green With This Delightful Protein Rich Morning Meal 🌱

Edamame are immature soybeans. These green colored beans are protein rich and have many other nutrients. Begin by boiling edamame in salty water and let it cool. 

Cut avocado and cucumber in a cube and cherry tomatoes in half. Chop baby spinach roughly, and mix everything.

Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, lemon and cilantro. This gorgeous looking breakfast will keep you full till lunch. 


Salmon With Sunny Side-Up Eggs: A Quick & Healthy High Protein Savoury Breakfast

Salmon is not only rich in protein but also many other essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin B12. A combination of salmon with egg is simply amazing. 

Use little olive oil in the pan to toss your salmon slices. Then use the same pan for eggs. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top of them and enjoy straight or as a topping on your toast. 


Spinach Grain Bowl: Easy to Make One Pot High Protein Breakfast 

For this wholesome recipe you can cook a mix of grain like amaranth, broken whole wheat and kamut on the previous night so that you can avoid the hassles of morning rush. 

Stir fry roughly chopped spinach leaves with lots of garlic. Mix it with boiled grains and top your grain bowl with sunny side up egg for added protein. 


Grilled Tempeh & Vegetables: You Can Bank On This Breakfast Option for Your Protein Needs 🌱

Originated in Indonesia, tempeh is a fermented soy cake. Tempeh is a protein soybean product which is loaded with many other health benefits. 

You can get the cooked tempeh from the store or cook it yourself.

To make this, saute veggies like onion, garlic, carrot, beans, cabbage, bean sprout etc. in the pan. Add tempeh with soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper and finely chopped leeks. Lastly, sprinkle roasted sesame seeds. 


Vegan Cheese & Bean Tacos: High Protein Non Sweet Breakfast On the Go🌱

Spread this delectable plant based cheese on your tacos and place canned black beans with avocado slices. This wholesome breakfast is also easy to carry. 

To make the vegan dip, you can either use silken tofu and cashews or guacamole. 


Seitan & Stir Fried Veggies: A Delicious High Protein Meat Alternative For Breakfast 🌱

Made with wheat gluten, seitan is a chewy meat alternative for vegan and vegetarians. You can easily make seitan at home or buy it from the store. 

For this protein rich savory recipe, stir fry seitan with other veggies like zucchini, garlic, white onion and colorful bell peppers.

Saute well and then sprinkle salt, pepper and curry powder to enhance the flavor. You can easily swap it to a curry by adding tomato puree. 


Broccoli, Cauliflower Rice & Scrambled Tofu: High Protein No Sugar Breakfast for Weight Loss 🌱

Broccoli and cauliflower rice are super easy to prepare for breakfast. Give a protein rich makeover to this fiber rich morning meal. 

First cook grated broccoli and cauliflower in a tablespoon of olive oil. Add scrambled tofu and sprinkle fresh lime juice, salt and pepper. Then top it with herbs like cilantro, chives, garlic and onion powder for flavor and aroma. 


Zucchini Fritters With Almond Flour: Satisfy Your Taste Buds and Nutritional Needs

Believe me, you won’t stop making these almond flour and zucchini fritters after this. These are instant hits among all generations. 

Grate zucchini and squeeze excess water which can be used for soups and curries. Add finely chopped red onion, cilantro, almond flour and eggs in zucchini.

Season it with salt, pepper, cumin and garlic powder. Heat the pan, add olive oil and make your fritter. Serve it with cold Greek Yogurt dip. 


Chickpea & Greek Yogurt Waffles: A Delicious Savory Twist to Classic Sweet Breakfast 

These savory waffles will take your morning meal up a notch. Loaded with protein you will be active all morning long. 

Make a batter with chickpea flour, Greek Yogurt, eggs, finely chopped spinach, baking soda and scallions.

Pour the batter on your hot waffle griddle and cook until golden brown. Repeat with remaining batter and serve with sour cream dip. 


Protein Rich Seed Bar: High Protein No Sugar Breakfast on the Go 🌱

Seeds are considered superfoods due to their immense healthfulness. These protein packed tiny foods are low in carbs. 

For this energy bar take a mix of sunflower, melon, pumpkin, sesame, hemp, chia or flax seed etc. Coconut flakes can also be added.

Take dates and grind them until smooth mixture. Put it in the pan with a little coconut oil and then mix all the roasted seeds. Let the mix cool before cutting them in shapes. 


Cottage Cheese Sandwich: A Power Packed Breakfast Sandwich Without Sugar

Cottage cheese is one of the vest sources of protein.  Its soft texture is suitable to use as a topping for your morning toast. 

You can buy or prepare a DIY version at home. Take cheese in bowl and add little salt, black pepper, cumin and garlic powder, raisins and chopped coriander.

Spread it on your whole wheat bread for an open sandwich. You can top it with cherry tomatoes too. 


Veggie Tofu & Hummus Wrap: Wrap All Your Morning Protein Needs in One Go 🌱

There are many ways of adding tofu in your wraps. You can either stir fry, grill, fry or simply cut in slices.

Stir fry your favorite vegetables like bell peppers, onions, zucchini etc. Spread hummus on your wrap and then place veggies with tofu. 

You can choose any whole grain tortilla for your wrap. I will suggest choosing greens wraps sometimes like collard and lettuce etc. 


Savory Veggie Pancake: A Protein Dense Breakfast Recipe of India 

This savory pancake recipe is from India, where it is known as “Cheela”. Made with chickpea flour this is an excellent way to give a protein rich beginning to your day. 

For a twist, you can also add lentil and rice flour in chickpea flour. Add finely chopped garlic, onion, carrot, beans etc. in flour and make a smooth batter with buttermilk.

Pour the batter on a hot griddle and make your pancakes one by one. Serve with coriander dip also known as “Chutney”. 


Mushroom, Broccoli & Tofu Frittata: A Nutritious & Delicious Beginning of the Day

This tofu and mushroom frittata is high in protein and many other nutrients. This savory breakfast is ideal for weekends to cherish with the whole family and friends. 

Make a batter with eggs, tofu, yogurt, salt, turmeric and baking powder. Meanwhile, stir fry vegetables like onion, garlic, mushroom and spinach. Mix everything and bake for 30-35 minutes. This delectable breakfast is a must try. 


Cheesy Veggie Omelet: A Mouthwatering Recipe For Mornings

Eggs are a powerhouse of protein. Vegetables will add loads of fiber content to this simple yet delightful omelet. 

First saute garlic and onion in a heavy bottom pan. Then add finely chopped mushrooms, broccoli and spinach in it. After that, pour whisked eggs in it. Once eggs settle, sprinkle cheddar cheese and fold the omelet half to cherish. 


Sprout Salad Bowl: An Effective High Protein No Sugar Breakfast for Weight Loss 🌱

Sprouts are germinated legumes or seeds which are packed with protein. You can get them from the market or can make your own at home. There are various sprout making pots available which makes the process easy.

Soak sprouts in boiling water for 5-7 minutes  and cover with a lid. You can also use them raw.

Rinse and add chopped onion, lettuce, cilantro, cucumber, tomato etc. Season with salt, pepper, cumin powder and lemon juice for a refreshing and flavorful breakfast. 


Eggs & Greek Yogurt: Gourmet Yet Simple Protein Rich Breakfast

Made with a duo of protein packed ingredients eggs & greek yogurt, this refreshing recipe is full of many other  nutrients. 

First prepare your Greek yogurt by adding grated garlic and finely chopped dill.

Take olive oil in a pan and add Aleppo pepper and cumin seeds in it.  Spread it on Greek yogurt. In the same pan cook eggs to desired doneness. For plating, spread yogurt and top it with your egg. Sprinkle salt and Aleppo pepper for a last touch. 


Savory Buckwheat Porridge: Quick, Delicious & Simple Morning Meal

Buckwheat is high in fiber, protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals. There are various ways to add this healthful millet to your breakfast, however I selected the simplest one. 

Boil buckwheat groats in salted water. Now top it with your choice of toppings like sunny side up eggs, stir fried vegetables, tofu or tempeh.

You can choose any of these options or a mix of them. You can cook buckwheat on the previous night  to avoid morning rush.  


Sprouted Breads: High Protein Breakfast Breads For Healthy Dawns

Loaded with protein, these bread are called “Ezekiel breads”. This bread is made of three germinated grains: wheat, barley and millet and two legumes: soybeans and lentil.  

Soak this mix and allow them to sprout. After that, ground them in batter and bake just like other bread. If you are a vegan then use flax eggs instead of eggs.

These breads are an incredible healthful replacement of normal breakfast breads. Eat them with a topping of your choice.


Finger Millet Pancake: A Hearty Savory Breakfast Loaded With Nutrients 

Finger millet is a tiny seed filled with protein and dietary fiber. It is considered as one of the most nutritious cereal. You can use it to make a delightful savory pancake to avoid sugar in the mornings. 

Finger millet is slightly sweet in taste which makes it a good choice for both sweet and savory dishes.

To prepare, make the batter with curd, eggs, baking powder, kosher salt and garlic powder. You can serve these pancakes with vegan cheese dip or sour cream.


Cauliflower, Broccoli & Tofu Casserole: A Classic Recipe For Mornings 🌱

You can’t come over with breakfast casseroles. This super easy savory vegan casserole recipe is loaded with many nutritious  ingredients. 

First make vegan cheese with silken tofu and soaked pecans. You can also add a little amount of miso paste for a umami taste.

Pour this vegan cheese on top of boiled cauliflower and broccoli. Bake it for 15-20 minutes and garnish with chopped parsley leaves. 


Protein Rich Kebabs: Delectable & High Protein Vegan Breakfast Options 🌱

Are you tired of the same kind of breakfasts? Then these protein rich kebabs are here for your rescue. Put tofu, chickpea flour, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, cumin and a pinch of turmeric in the bowl and give it a good mix.

 Make small patties and dust them with bread crumbs. Stir fry with olive oil in a heavy bottom pan. Have them their own with dip or put in between bread for a wholesome sandwich. 


Boiled Eggs & Ham Sandwich: Appetizing Sugarless Protein Rich Breakfast 

Speaking of breakfast and first thing that comes to mind is eggs. Eggs are one of most common breakfast ingredients which are used in many different ways with a variety of recipes. 

For these sandwich recipes, you will need boiled eggs. Mix ham and boiled eggs with a spoon of mayonnaise, salt, pepper, onion powder, oregano mix and cream cheese. Spread generously on your bread and cherish it. 


Amped Up Oatmeal: Protein Rich Recipe for Lazy Mornings

For me it is difficult to not add oatmeal in my breakfast list. This recipe will tell you how to make a high protein no sugar breakfast with oatmeal.  

Cook oats in whole milk and add unsweetened nut butter in it, i prefer peanut butter. Then mix a few soaked nuts, cinnamon powder, banana and berries to enjoy your favorite breakfast bowl. 


Quinoa & Veggie Upma: A Delicious Savory Recipe For Mornings 🌱

This recipe is basically a protein rich version of Indian savory porridge called “Upma”. Usually Upma is made of semolina but here I swap it with quinoa. 

Take oil in a pan, add mustard and cumin seeds, whole peanuts and saute them. Then add onion, tomato, grated carrot, beans and green peas. Once vegetables are cooked, add quinoa with water and cook with a lid on. Lastly mix salt, pepper, lemon juice and coriander leaves for serving. 


Tempeh Sausages In Burrito: Satisfying and Wholesome Morning Starter🌱

This Indonesian fermented soybeans cake can be found at any local supermarkets or from Asian stores. Its chewy texture makes it a great alternative to meat. 

Crumble the tempeh and add water, salt, soy sauce, garlic and onion powder, worcestershire sauce, paprika and oregano. Let it boil until the tempeh is cooked well. Add 1 tablespoon of sesame or olive oil and stir it for a while. You can directly place it in your burrito or make patties so that it will be easy to bite. 


Egg & Avocado Toast: Lucious, Delicious & Nutritious Breakfast Idea

For this no sugar recipe, make a dip by mixing fresh avocado with salt, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and fresh cilantro. If you are super busy in the morning then you can get the packed one too.

You can boil or poach your egg for this recipe. Spread the dip on your toast and then place eggs on top of that. Sprinkle salt, paper and olive oil on top of that for a strong savory taste. 


Bagel With Lox: Nourish Your Protein Needs & Taste Buds

With right toppings and controlled portion you can turn your carb-rich bagel into a protein rich breakfast. First, spread sour cream on the surface of the bagel. 

Then place smoked salmon on that. Avoid sprinkling salt as smoked salmon has enough sodium for your taste buds. You can add freshly crushed black pepper on the top. 


Turkey & Egg Sandwich: Welcome the Sun With This Scrumptious English Muffin Sandwich

This flavorful recipe is a perfect morning meal for the people who don’t mind having meat in the breakfast. You can also use the leftover turkey for this sandwich. 

Spread a layer of cream cheese on your whole wheat english muffin and then arrange cooked turkey, poached egg. Sprinkle salt and pepper and close your muffin with another part. 


Mushroom & Tofu Frittata: Healthy High Protein No Sugar Breakfast 🌱

This tofu and mushroom frittata is an excellent choice for a no sugar protein rich breakfast. Prepare the batter by mixing almond flour, tofu, salt, turmeric powder, baking powder, lemon juice and water. 

Then mix stir fried vegetables like onion, garlic, mushroom and spinach in it. Bake it in the oven for 30-35 minutes and your delectable breakfast will be ready to serve. You can also make portable frittata in muffin tins. 


Bacon Tacos Bacon: Tasty & Easy Sugarless Protein Rich Morning Meal 

For this high-protein hearty breakfast you can cook bacon on previous night or use the leftover. Heat up your taco and place bacon, coleslaw and finely chopped lettuce on top. 

In the last spread salsa sauce for a tangy taste. This is a super easy recipe if you have cooked bacon in the fridge. 


Spinach & Goat Cheese Muffins: The Unsweetened Version of Classic Breakfast Recipe

For these delectable, portable and savory muffins you need to mix eggs with stir fried spinach and mushrooms, goat cheese, salt and pepper. You can also add pieces of ham or bacon. 

Pour the batter in muffin tin and bake them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. You can enjoy them with cream cheese or Greek yogurt dip. 


Black Bean Burrito: A Toothsome & Fulfilling Breakfast Idea Without Any Sugar

Breakfast burritos are highly versatile and quick to make. Choose any tortilla from whole wheat to corn one. 

Add black beans, scrambled eggs to make it a protein loaded breakfast wrap. You can swap black beans to pinto beans.

Chopped tomatoes and avocado will enhance the freshness .  Add sauerkraut for a tangy taste and probiotic qualities.  


Roasted Chickpea & Avocado Toast: Protein Loaded Delectable  Breakfast 🌱

For this power packed toast topping, you can either use canned chickpeas or pre boiled ones. Take oil in the pan and add chickpeas with salt, cumin powder, red pepper, black pepper, garam masala and lemon juice. 

Place them on your toast and arrange avocado slices in the end. You will become a fan of this recipe with the first bite itself. 

Here are all of my favorite high protein no sugar breakfast ideas in which I added a mix of vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You can try and let me know which one is your favorite now. 

Hope these options will motivate you enough to avoid sugary things as the first meal of the day. 

Rohit Panwar

Hi! I'm Integrated Nutrition Coach Rohit Panwar. I hold twin Certifications from IIN, New York & SAFM, Massachusetts. I am a passionate vocalist of holistic lifestyle and have fully committed the past several years to educate & empower people towards their wellbeing. Despite a successful yet hectic corporate stint of 21+ years, I have prioritised nutriment in my life. I truly hope my personal journey from illness to wellness helps everybody reading this forge their own path.