What Can You Do With Kefir Grains?

Rohit Panwar

Looking for kefir grain uses? Your search ends here as I take you through some of the best ways to use leftover or excess kefir grains. 

If you make kefir at home, you know how quickly they multiply. If you have a situation like this at hand, here is a guide that will take those excessive grains off your hands.


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Let us delve right into finding the answer to what to do with too many kefir grains – 

1. Make Kefir With Your Kefir Grains 

The first and most basic use of kefir grains is that it is used for making kefir. Kefir is made by adding the grains into milk and allowing it to ferment for up to 24 hours. Kefir grains are a colony of good bacteria and yeast that feeds on the lactose in milk. 

2. Use It to Make Kefir Cheese

Make a large batch of kefir and use this kefir to make kefir cheese. Once your kefir is ready,  strain to separate the whey from the curds. You have a soft, creamy cheese with a tangy, slightly sour taste. You can use it just like cream cheese. 

3. Make Kefir Sour Cream With Kefir Grains 

This is a great alternative to the traditional sour cream. To make kefir sour cream add your excess kefir grains to heavy cream and allow it to ferment for 24-48 hours.  Once fermented, remove the grains and any lumps. The resulting kefir sour cream is tangy and creamy. 

4. Experiment With Non Dairy Milks 

If you have some extra kefir grains, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use these to make vegan versions of kefir. Ferment your choice of non-dairy milk, such as almond milk or coconut milk, and allow it to ferment for 24-48 hours, depending on the desired thickness. You might have to add small amount of sugar for the bacteria to feed.

5. Put The Grains Your Smoothies

Kefir grains can be added to smoothies to increase their nutritional value and add a tangy flavour. Simply blend the kefir grains with your favorite fruits, vegetables, and liquid of your choice, for a delicious and creamy smoothie packed with probiotics.

6. Use Kefir Grains in Baked Goods & Recipes

One of the best kefir grains is using them in baked goods and recipes. The tangy taste and creamy texture of kefir can add depth and richness to a variety of dishes, such as pancakes, muffins, and bread.

7. Use The Grains  in Your Dips & Sauces

Kefir grains can be used to make delicious and healthy dips and sauces. The tangy taste and creamy texture can give a nutritious twist to a variety of dips and sauces, such as tzatziki, cream cheese, and hummus.

8. Chew on Your Extra Kefir Grains

You can eat your kefir grains as they are. They feel like eating some sour gummy balls. Since they are rich in bacteria along with many vital minerals and vitamins, chewing on kefir grains help to strengthen your teeth and gums, and promote healthy digestion.

9. Make Salad Dressing Using Kefir Grains

Kefir grains can be blended with herbs, spices, and oils such as olive or sesame oil to make a delicious and nutritious salad dressing. Add garlic, lemon juice, or honey for extra flavour. Enjoy the probiotic benefits of kefir while also elevating your salad game.

10. Dehydrate The Grains for Later Use

Kefir grains can be dehydrated for later use. You can do so in a dehydrator or by simply laying them on a flat surface till they dry out.  Once dry, store the grains in an airtight container along with some dried milk powder until ready to use.

11. Freeze Your Extra Kefir Grains

Freezing the extra kefir grains is another great way to preserve them for later use. Simply place the grains in a small container or bag and freeze. To use the grains, thaw them in the fridge and then rehydrate them in fresh milk. 

12. Feed Extra Grains To Your Pets

Give your pets such as dogs and cats a healthy and nutritious treat by adding the extra kefir grains in their food. Just be sure to introduce kefir grains to your pet gradually, so it is easier for them to digest. Begin by adding 1 teaspoon and limit it up to 1 tablespoon.

13. Share Kefir Grains With Your Friends

Sharing kefir grains with friends is a great way to spread the health benefits of kefir. Kefir grains multiply over time, so it’s common to have extras. Simply give some of your extra grains to a friend in a small jar or bag along with instructions on how to use them. 

14. Add Excess Kefir Grains to Your Compost 

If you still have a lot of kefir grains that you don’t want to use or give away, adding them to your compost can be a great way to repurpose them. Kefir grains are rich in nutrients and can help improve the quality of your compost. 

These were some of the best kefir grain uses. I would love to know how you use your excess kefir grains. Feel free to share your recipes and insights. I look forward to them. 

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