Mozzarella and Stilton cheese are both nutritious varieties of cheese. Picking between mozzarella vs stilton cheese is thus a tricky matter. 

As a nutritionist let me make it easy for you. I bring you a detailed analysis of the difference between mozzarella and stilton cheese, based on which you can make your pick. 

Mozzarella Cheese Vs Stilton Cheese


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Mozzarella Vs Stilton Cheese: Comparative Analysis of Outcomes & Nutrients

Let’s begin by taking a brief overview of mozzarella vs stilton cheese nutrition – 


Cow/ Water Buffalo Milk

Stilton Cheese

Cow Milk


Semi- Soft 

Stilton Cheese

Semi -Soft/ Hard


Mild & Milky

Stilton Cheese

Creamy & Nutty



Stilton Cheese




Stilton Cheese



0.6 g*

Stilton Cheese

1 g*


6 g*

Stilton Cheese

10 g*


6 g*

Stilton Cheese

7 g*


143 mg*

Stilton Cheese

91 mg*


178 mg*

Stilton Cheese

223 mg*


Very Good 

Stilton Cheese

Very Good


Very Good

Stilton Cheese

Very Good


Very Good

Stilton Cheese



Very Good

Stilton Cheese

Very Good


5 Days

Stilton Cheese

1 Month

*Source: USDA; Quantity defined is 1 ounce (28.4g)

Now we will delve into each attribute individually

How Does the Method of Preparation of Mozzarella Differ from Stilton?

Mozzarella is a cheese that is made using cow milk. The milk is curdled using rennet and cheese culture. Later the curds are drained to remove the excess whey. They are further heated and stretched in hot water, to obtain the desired consistency.

Stilton cheese also uses cow milk. A mixture of cheese culture, special yeast and rennet are added to milk. Once the curd is set, it is strained and later transferred into moulds. They are then left on shelves, where they are aged. 

What Type of Cheese are Mozzarella and Stilton?

Mozzarella is a type of semi- soft cheese. It comes in two variants- fresh and low moisture. It is also rindless

Stilton cheese type depends on the type. Blue stilton is a type of semi-soft cheese whereas white stilton is categorised as semi-hard cheese.  Both types of stilton have a natural rind. 

How Does Mozzarella and Stilton Differ in Colour, Taste & Texture?

Mozzarella is usually white to off white in colour. It has a very light, milkd and milky flavour. It is soft and smooth to touch.   

Stilton cheese can be off white or ivory yellow in colour with bluish green veins running outwards from its centre. Taste wise, it is creamy, nutty and has a slight salty after taste. It has a crumbly texture. 

Which Cheese Has to Be Aged: Mozzarella Or Stilton Cheese?

Mozzarella does not need to be aged. It is a fresh cheese and is to be eaten fresh. The best time to consume it is within the first few hours of preparation.  

Stilton on the other hand is an aged cheese. It is ideally aged for a time period ranging between 4 to 18 months. The older it gets, the creamier it becomes. 

Mozzarella or Stilton Cheese : The One With a Lower Calorie Count? 

All types of cheese are high in calories. This is because they have a concentrated amount of many nutrients including protein and fat. 

Stilton and mozzarella are thus high in calories. However, in comparison to stilton, mozzarella has lower calories. 

What to Pick for Lower Carb Content: Mozzarella or Stilton Cheese?

Cheeses are generally lower in carbs when compared to many other foods. Therefore, for people who are following a low carb diet, cheese is always a good option.

Mozzarella and stilton are low in carbs. However, mozzarella fares better with its lower carb content. 

Which Has Lower Fats: Mozzarella or Stilton Cheese ?

Mozzarella is relatively lower in fats when compared to many other types of cheese. Fresh mozzarella contains only about 17 percent fat. 

Stilton cheese has a comparatively higher percentage of fat. The fat content in stilton is about 35 percent. This fat is the reason for the rich creaminess of the cheese. 

Mozzarella or Stilton: The Cheese that Has a Higher Protein Content?

One of the main nutritional advantages of cheese is the high quantity of protein. The milk proteins are concentrated in cheese, which gives it a high protein level.

When we compare mozzarella and stilton, we find that stilton cheese has a higher protein content.

Mozzarella or Stilton: The One With More Calcium?

Dairy products are rich in many nutrients.  Calcium is one of the prominent minerals that is available in these products in abundance. 

In comparison to mozzarella, stilton is somewhat lower in the calcium levels. 

Mozzarella or Stilton, the Cheese That is Lower in Sodium?

Mozzarella is one of the few cheeses that are lower in sodium levels. Therefore, consuming it regularly will not be a problem if you are watching your sodium intake. 

Stilton cheese is higher in sodium when compared to mozzarella. However, this by no way means you should not consume it. You can, but in moderation – not more than an ounce. 

Mozzarella or Stilton: Cheese Richter in Nutrients

Mozzarella and Stilton are both rich in a number of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in B vitamins, along with vitamin A, E and K. Stilton cheese is noted for its high concentration of vitamin K2.

Both these cheese types also contain essential minerals including calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, etc.

Which Cheese Would Aid Your Bone & Teeth Health: Mozzarella or Stilton?

Cheese is generally considered to be good for both bone and teeth health. This is because apart from the vitamins, cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Calcium helps in making teeth and bones stronger while phosphorus helps in proper absorption of calcium.

Mozzarella or Stilton Cheese – Easier to Digest? 

Cheese usually contains a high quantity of fat and milk protein. This may make it difficult to digest for some people. For those of us who do not face such issues, mozzarella can be considered easy on the tummy. Mozzarella is rich in probiotics or good bacteria, which make it more easily digestible than other cheeses.

Blue cheese including stilton is also considered to be easier to digest in comparison to some other types of cheese. The enzymes in the cheese help the fats and proteins to break down more easily.

Which Is More Versatile in Usage- Mozzarella Or Stilton Cheese?

Mozzarella is very versatile. It can be eaten as such sprinkled with some olive oil and herbs. It can also be cooked in a number of dishes. Since it melts well, it goes very well with pastas, pizzas and sandwiches.

When it comes to versatility, stilton is not behind. It can be crumbled, cooked and melted. You can eat it as such with fruits and nuts. You can also make it into dips or melt it in sandwiches, pastas, burgers or pizzas. 

What Cheese Can Be Stored for a Longer Time – Mozzarella or Stilton?

Fresh mozzarella has a shorter shelf life when compared to low moisture mozzarella. Once opened, keep them in the refrigerator.

All aged cheeses have a longer shelf life than fresh cheeses. Stilton can too be consumed for up to a month, when kept tightly packed in a refrigerator. 

Mozzarella and stilton are both nutritious (and delicious) and what you pick, really depends on your preferences and choices. You can enjoy one or switch between the two. 

Hope this blog helped you get clarity about the two popular cheese types.