Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk: Best Fit For A Energetic Lifestyle

Rohit Panwar

The question of plant-based milk benefits over dairy has always been around especially when new alt-milks hit the shelves. Hence in today’s blog, I will be comparing one such new alt milk over dairy milk – Pistachio milk vs cow milk.

This blog will introduce you to pistachio milk and will highlight the similarities and differences between pistachio milk and cow milk.

Pistachio milk versus cow milk


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Pistachio Milk Versus Cow Milk Nutrition & Benefits Compared 

From a nutritionist’s point of view, I have compared pistachio milk and nut milk using 13+ criteria for a better understanding.

Pistachio milk

Pistachio nuts, water

Cow milk

Cow milk

Pistachio milk

Sweet, nutty

Cow milk

Sweet, creamy

Pistachio milk

1 cup

Cow milk

1-2 cups

Pistachio milk


Cow milk


Pistachio milk

4.3 g*

Cow milk

7.81 g*

Pistachio milk

2 g*

Cow milk

8 g*

Pistachio milk

200 mg*

Cow milk

300 mg*

Pistachio milk


Cow milk

Morning or night 

Pistachio milk


Cow milk


Pistachio milk


Cow milk


Pistachio milk


Cow milk

Very good 

Pistachio milk

Very Good

Cow milk


Pistachio milk


Cow milk


Pistachio milk


Cow milk


Pistachio milk

Honey, coffee, vanilla 

Cow milk

Vanilla, cocoa 

*Source: USDA; Quantity defined is 1 cup

Hope this table helped you gain a basic understanding of pistachio milk vs cow milk nutrition. Let me elaborate each criteria for detailed information. 

Comparing the Source of Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk

Pistachio milk is made from pistachio nuts which has its origin in Iran. These green shelled nuts are soaked and blended with water. They are then strained to become pistachio milk. It is a very recent entry to the world of plant based milks.

Cow milk is obtained from mature cows. Cow milk is one of the ancient foods that people include in their diet. It has become a significant part of a healthy diet across the globe.

What Will Keep You Coming Back For More, Pistachio or Cow Milk?

Pistachio milk has a mild green pastel color to it like pistachio nuts. They are rich in texture and have a mild sweet and nutty taste. Pistachio milk can be consumed as such because of its delicious taste. 

Cow milk has sweet undertones and a rich silky texture due to its fat content. Whole cow milk is creamier than skimmed and low fat milks. It can be consumed as such and can be used in various other ways.

Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk: How Often Should You Consume?

Pistachio milk like pistachios are loaded with health benefits. Consuming 1 cup of pistachio milk per day fills you with essential micronutrients required for a healthy body. When it comes to pistachios vs cow milk nutrition, both have much to offer. 

Cow milk has a diverse nutrient profile. Cow milk consumption varies between age groups because of its wholesome nutrient content. 1 cup of milk is advised per day for adults whereas elderly people and children can consume 1- 2 cups to meet their needs. 

Which Takes Care Of Your Calorie Count Better: Pistachio Milk or Cow Milk?

Pistachio milk has less calories than cow milk. It is a perfect choice to get nourished without adding extra calories. The carbohydrate content in pistachio milk helps in energising the body.

Cow milk is high in calories in comparison to pistachio milk because of the fat content in it. It is a great option for a post workout drink. Cow milk also keeps one full for a long time.

Which Should You Opt For Healthy Fats: Pistachio Milk Or Cow Milk?

Pistachio milk, though high in fats, does not exceed the level of fat in cow milk. Like pistachio nuts helps in reducing heart risks, pistachio milk too plays a vital role in keeping the heart healthy. Overall, they contain healthy fats.

Whole cow milk is higher in fat than pistachio milk. It also offers heart health benefits and reduces heart risks. If whole milk is adding to the fat levels, one can opt for low fat or skimmed milk where excess fats are removed. 

Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk: Better Protein Supplement

Pistachio milk being a plant based milk is low in protein. It has decent sources of amino acids which are building blocks of our body. Pistachio milk may not be an ideal choice to meet protein requirements.

Cow milk on the contrary is rich in protein. It is very important for the growth of cells, strengthening muscles and healthy hair. It elderly people and children it prevents muscle loss and promotes growth. 

Which Caters Better For Your Bones Between Pistachio Milk And Cow Milk?

In comparison to cow milk, pistachio milk is not a good source of calcium. Though it is naturally low in calcium, the market  versions of pistachio milk are fortified with calcium for better bone health. When opting for a market version check for added ingredients like sugar and emulsifiers to ensure a healthy drink.  

Cow milk is known across the globe as the best source of calcium. It helps in improving bone density and strengthening bones and teeth. It is also rich in minerals like magnesium, manganese and phosphorus that aids bone health.

Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk: Best To Consume At Sunrise Or Post Sunset?

Pistachio milk can be consumed both in the morning and bedtime. When consumed in the morning, they provide a great start to the day. Pistachio milk is a good source of melanin, a essential hormone which helps to sleep. Consuming a cup of pistachio milk helps in getting good sleep. 

Cow milk is ideal to be consumed both in the morning and night. Cow milk can be taken as such or with breakfast for a filling meal. It strengthens and energizes the body. When consumed at night it helps in sleeping better. The age-old practice of drinking milk at bedtime supports this fact. 

 Pistachio Milk vs Cow Milk Which Is Better for the Planet?

Pistachio milk is one of the most sustainable milk in the world of plant based milks. They consume very less water for cultivation and do not cause soil damage. Their water print and carbon print is low which makes it eco friendly.

Cow milk being a product of animal sources is not sustainable. Due to excess demand most of the lands are taken up for grazing. This leads to deforestation, soil damage, more emission of carbon dioxide and excess water consumption. When it comes to sustainability, pistachio milk is a great choice.

Which Makes For A Vegan Friendly Diet Between Pistachio Milk And Cow Milk?

Vegan diet refers to the consumption of only plant based foods. They do not include any animal based foods. Pistachio milk is made from plant sources. It is completely vegan friendly.

Cow milk is not vegan friendly as they are made from animal sources. If you are looking forward to shifting to a vegan lifestyle, pistachio milk is the right choice over cow milk. When opting for vegan milks it’s good to ensure a nutrient rich balanced diet for a nourished body.

Which Has A Positive Influence On Oral Health, Pistachio Milk Or Cow Milk?

Naturally pistachio milk is low in calcium but the market versions are fortified with calcium which helps in maintaining strong teeth. Pistachio milk is also loaded with minerals and vitamins like phosphorus, magnesium and B vitamins which plays a protective role for teeth and gums. 

Cow milk has a positive influence on oral health because of its rich calcium content. Besides calcium, cow milk is also a wonderful source of minerals like magnesium and manganese which are essential for a healthy mouth. 

Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk: For Trouble Free Tummy

Pistachio milk is lactose and gluten free. It is rich in fibre. It is a wonderful source of B vitamins and essential antioxidants which is very important for gut bacteria. They help in preventing gut infections and promote intestinal health. 

Cow milk also plays a significant role in tummy health and in the growth of good gut bacteria when moderately consumed. Cow milk has lactose which cannot be digested by people who are lactose intolerant. It may cause vomiting and allergic reactions to them. 

Which Has A Cooling Effect Between Pistachio Milk And Cow Milk?

Pistachios are naturally a heat food. They are best to increase the heat during winter months. However, consuming a cup of chilled pistachio milk during summer days provides much relief and cools down the body.

Cow milk can be counted in for a cooling experience. In summer days cow milk is consumed with rose essence as chilled rose milk and as flavor based milkshakes. Consumption of buttermilk or lassi in summer days supports the cooling ability of cow milk. 

Which Offers Better Hydration Between Pistachio Milk And Cow Milk?

Pistachio nuts are a powerhouse of potassium. This key electrolyte in pistachio milk retains water content in the body and keeps the body hydrated. Pistachio milk is also a wonderful source of copper that helps in maintaining a healthy skin

Cow milk is known for its good source of electrolytes like potassium and sodium. These electrolytes maintain the water balance in the body and ensure hydration. Cow milk is also known for its ability to promote soft and healthy skin. 

Pistachio Milk Vs Cow Milk: Best Additives For Better Flavors

Pistachio milk is new to the market yet people are already experimenting with it with their coffees. It froths well due to its rich consistency. It goes well with natural sweeteners like honey and with flavors like vanilla. Apart from coffee, here are some other ways of using pistachio milk

Cow milk is known for its versatility to be used with different flavors and in different ways. Vanilla, cocoa, and cinnamon are some of the flavors that work great with cow milk. It is blended with fruits to make smoothies and taken with breakfast cereals. The famous yellow milk made with cow milk and turmeric is a great option to fight cold and infections. 

As we reach the end of our detailed discussion you might be wondering, pistachio milk vs cow milk which is better? The answer lies in your own nutrition requirements and accessibility. If you are looking for a a dense nutrient profile cow milk is better but if you are looking for a drink lighter on the tummy and planet friendly, pistachio milk is the way to go. 

I conclude with the hope that this blog works as a guide and helps you to choose the best milk for an energetic lifestyle.

Rohit Panwar

Hi! I'm Integrated Nutrition Coach Rohit Panwar. I hold twin Certifications from IIN, New York & SAFM, Massachusetts. I am a passionate vocalist of holistic lifestyle and have fully committed the past several years to educate & empower people towards their wellbeing. Despite a successful yet hectic corporate stint of 21+ years, I have prioritised nutriment in my life. I truly hope my personal journey from illness to wellness helps everybody reading this forge their own path.