What To Opt For Better Nutrition: Sesame Or Cow Milk?

Rohit Panwar

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between a well-known food and an unfamiliar food option? This happens often with plant milk choices and dairy milk. Today we are discussing one such comparison- sesame milk versus cow milk.

Though cow milk is used widely, sesame milk has been slowly making its way to the market. One must not miss the benefits of good food because it is not explored much. Hence, in today’s blog, I will be discussing everything important about sesame milk and cow milk so you can make a fair choice. 

Sesame milk versus Cow milk


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Comparative Analysis Of Sesame Milk And Cow Milk 

In the table below, I have put together the essential details of sesame milk and cow milk using 15 criteria for comparison.

Sesame milk 

Sesame seeds, water

Cow milk 

Cow’s milk

Sesame milk 


Cow milk

Sweet, creamy

Sesame milk 

1 cup

Cow milk

1-2 cups

Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 

5 g*

Cow milk


Sesame milk 

8 g*

Cow milk


Sesame milk 

292- 390 mg*

Cow milk

300 mg*

Sesame milk 


Cow milk

Morning, night

Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 


Cow milk


Sesame milk 

Cinnamon, honey

Cow milk

Vanila, cocoa

*Source: USDA; Quantity defined is 1 cup

With the above details as the base, let me elaborate on each criteria for a better understanding of sesame milk and cow milk.

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: How Are They Made?

Sesame milk is made from sesame seeds which are available in black and white colors. Mostly sesame milk is made from white sesame seeds. The sesame seeds are soaked for a couple of hours and are blended with water. It is then strained to become sesame milk.

Cow milk is sourced from adult mature cows. Mostly the milk is pasteurised before it hits the shelves. 

Which Has An Appealing Taste Between Sesame & Cow Milk?

Sesame milk has a nutty taste to it. It has a silky texture and feels creamy. Sesame milk does not taste like sesame seeds and has a subtle earthy flavour but it is pleasant to drink. To make it more likeable, you can blend it with dates or natural sweeteners.

Cow’s milk has a sweet taste and creamy texture. It is pleasant to drink and can be consumed as such. Whole milk is thick and creamy but variations like skimmed milk, and low-fat milk are also available in the market.

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: How Much Is Too Much?

Sesame milk is a powerhouse of micronutrients which is extremely important for day-to-day functioning. Hence, consuming 1 cup of sesame milk per day is good enough for optimum health.

Cow’s milk is known for its diverse profile of nutrients and is one of the very few foods to contain maximum micronutrients. 1 cup of cow milk is sufficient for adults. For children and older adults, 1-2 cups can be consumed based on the requirements. When it comes to sesame milk vs cow milk nutrition, both have a very good profile of nutrients.

Which Is A Calorie Friendly Option – Sesame Milk Or Cow Milk?

Sesame milk is very low in calories compared to cow’s milk. They are great energy boosters and keep one satiated for a long time. This helps in preventing cravings and avoiding unwanted consumption of foods. 

Cow milk is high in calories. They are power-packed and boost our stamina when consumed on a tiring day. However, if cutting down calories is your goal, I would suggest sesame milk. 

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: Healthy Or Harmful Fats?

Sesame milk, like sesame seeds, is good for heart health. The fats in sesame milk are good for reducing cholesterol and preventing heart risks. In comparison to cow milk, they have lesser fats. 

Whole cow milk is high in fats compared to any other plant milks. It is also beneficial for heart health as it increases good fat and proves beneficial for heart health. One can also opt for low-fat cow milk to reduce the fat content intake.

Which Can You Rely On For Better Protein Supply, Sesame or Cow Milk?

Sesame seeds are a good source of protein. Therefore, is one of the few plant-based milks with good protein content. The protein in sesame milk is helpful in strengthening the muscles and promotes body growth. 

As you can see in the table, sesame milk and cow milk offer the same level of protein per cup. The protein in cow milk stimulates growth in children and prevents muscle loss in the elderly. They play a vital role in the everyday growth of the body.

Which Is An Ideal Option For Your Bone Health: Sesame Or Cow Milk?

Sesame milk is a good source of calcium as most of the market versions are fortified with calcium and other essential nutrients. Besides this, sesame milk is also a good source of magnesium and manganese which helps in bone health.

Cow milk is an excellent source of calcium. It has been considered a vital food for the growth and strengthening of bones. Like sesame milk, cow milk is also a good source of micronutrients like magnesium which aids in bone health. 

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: Suggested Consumption Time For Better Results

Sesame milk can be consumed both in the morning and night. Consuming a cup of sesame milk in the morning is a great way to start an active day. When consumed at night, they help in getting a good night’s sleep due to the presence of a sleep-inducing vitamin called thiamine

Cow milk too can be consumed both in the morning and at night. Making milk a part of your breakfast ensures a supply of essential nutrients for an energised day. Cow milk has been consumed at night across the globe to promote good sleep.

What Makes For A Greener Option Between Sesame Milk And Cow Milk?

Sesame milk is more sustainable than cow milk. They require less water for cultivation as they are drought resistant and do not require fertilisers. They do not cause soil damage. To make it more sustainable, opt for an organic certified and locally available product.

Cow milk is not environmentally sustainable as the excessive grazing of lands by cows leads to deforestation, soil damage and more carbon emission.

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: Which Is An Plant Friendly  Option?

Every day more and more people are adopting a vegan lifestyle and avoiding all animal sources for environmental and health benefits. Milk consumption being a major part of a healthy diet can be vegan too.

Sesame milk is vegan as it is made from plants. Cow milk on the contrary is not vegan as it is made from animal sources. When opting for vegan milk, it is good to have a balanced diet for total nourishment.

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: What Should Be In Your Dental Care List?

Sesame seeds being a good calcium source has a positive role in oral health. Besides calcium, sesame milk is a good source of vitamin E and vitamin K which are very helpful for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Cow milk helps in strengthening teeth and the micronutrients in it including vitamin D and E helps in maintaining good oral health. 

Which Is A Tummy Favouring Drink, Sesame Milk Or Cow Milk? 

Sesame milk is a fibre-rich food. They are also lactose-free, nut-free and gluten-free. They are safe for people facing these allergies. Zinc, a mineral present in sesame milk is good for intestinal health and prevents infections. It also has a positive impact on gut health by promoting good gut bacteria. 

Cow milk is a potpourri of nutrients benefit gut health when moderately consumed. It is not lactose-free and causes vomiting and allergies in lactose-intolerant people. 

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: How Cool Are They?

Sesame seeds are naturally warm in nature. Sesame milk is thus best suited to warm your body during winter days. However, since sesame milk is made from soaked sesame blended with generous water, it can be a good cooling drink.

Cow milk is a wonderful drink to consume during summers. Cow milk, especially chilled, is a great way to bring down the heat. In summers, the consumption of chilled milk with rose essence and buttermilk made from milk supports the cooling ability of cow milk.

Which Offers Better Hydration Between Sesame Milk And Cow Milk?

Sesame milk and cow milk are both wonderful for hydration. They have good amounts of electrolytes like potassium and sodium that can replace the lost fluids and balance the water levels in the body.

The composition of sesame milk and cow milk also has more water content which helps in hydration. Both the milks also have positive impacts on skin health.

Sesame Milk Vs Cow Milk: The Versatility in Flavouring 

Sesame milk can be bland if you are trying it out. To make it better, consume sesame milk with dates, cinnamon, honey or maple syrup. It can also be used as a replacement for dairy in coffee and can be used in shakes.

Cow milk is very versatile. It can be taken as such. It can be consumed as both sweet and savoury. Some of the best flavours that work well with cow milk include vanilla, cocoa, coffee and fruit-based smoothies. People consume milk with a pinch of turmeric at night to prevent colds and infections.

As we reach the conclusion, you might still wonder, which milk is better cow or sesame milk? The answer is both and it completely depends on your needs and preferences. For example, f you are looking for a sustainable drink sesame milk is better but if you are looking for a more easily available nutritious drink, cow milk definitely serves the purpose. 

I end this blog with the hope that this discussion helps you familiarise yourself better with sesame milk and how advantageous it could be in comparison to cow milk.  

Rohit Panwar

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