Vegan Milk Can Be Made at Home With These 7 Things

Rohit Panwar

Most plant milks you see in supermarkets, are pretty expensive and full of preservatives. This makes plant milk enthusiasts often wonder what do you need to make vegan milk. 

As a nutritionist and a vegan milk aficionado, I have been preparing plant milk for years now. So, in this blog, I share with you the requirements for making plant milk. 


| What Do You Need to Make Vegan Milk at Home?

What Do You Need to Make Vegan Milk?

The method of making vegan milks at home is fairly simple and requires only a few things. Here is a quick look – 

Main Ingredient

Nuts/ seeds/ legumes, etc. 




Blender/ Milk Makers 

Sweetener (Optional)

Date Paste/ Brown Sugar

Flavours (Optional)

Cinnamon/ Nutmeg/ Vanilla


Nut Milk Bag/ Cheesecloth


Bowls, spoons, jar, etc.

Let me take you through each of these requirements –

1. The Main Ingredient 

The first thing you need to make vegan milk is the main ingredient. Vegan milks can be made using a number of ingredients, ranging from nuts and seeds to cereals and pulses. 

Some of the easiest to make plant milks are oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc. 

2. Fluid

The second most important ingredient that goes into making vegan milk is water. 

Water is needed for two things – soaking your main ingredient and making your vegan milk. 

3. Machine 

There are a number of equipment in the market that are especially designed to make plant milk. These, however, are quite expensive. 

You can make a perfectly delicious batch of your favourite plant milk with your regular blender. Any high speed blender  or a food processor should do the job just fine. 

4. Sweetener 

Adding a sweetener is optional. I generally add a date or two into the blender while making the milk at home. 

You can also add brown sugar or coconut sugar for the extra sweetness. 

5. Flavourings

This is another ingredient that is completely optional. You can add your favourite spices and flavours during the preparation of vegan milk. 

Adding flavours such as cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla or ginger can significantly improve the taste of many plant milks. 

6. Strainer

In order to separate the liquid from the pulp you need to strain it. Although nut milk bags are quite popular among many people, they are not needed.

You can use a fine-mesh strainer and line it  with a cheesecloth to get good results. Some people also avoid straining altogether. However, in such cases, the pulp tends to settle down at the bottom. 

7. Extras

Apart from the above mentioned things, you would also need regular kitchen utensils such as bowls, strainer/ colander, spoon etc. in the making process. 

For storing the nut milk, I would suggest putting it in a airtight jar before placing it in the fridge. This will ensure the taste remains intact.

How to Make a Vegan Milk At Home | Step By Step Method

Before I come to the end of the blog, let me give you a quick step by step look into the basic method of making plant milk –

Step 1. Prepare your main ingredient 

Choose your main ingredient like your nuts or seeds and wash them if required.

Step 2 Soak your main ingredient (if required) 

Soaking is required for most plant based milks including soy, nut milks, and seed milk. Soaking helps them blend easily and release their flavours. The soaking time can vary anywhere between a few hours to overnight. 

Step 3 Drain & Rinse 

Drain the water you soaked your main ingredient in and then rinse it properly. If you are making almond or walnut milk, you can also remove their peels at this stage.

Step 4 Blend with fresh water 

Transfer your main ingredient into a jar and blend with fresh water. You can also add your favourite flavours and sweeteners here, so that they mix properly.

Step 5 Strain & transfer 

Strain the milk with a nut bag or using a cheesecloth. Now, transfer this into an airtight jar.

Step 6 Chill & Enjoy

Place the jar in the refrigerator and enjoy

I hope this blog helped you in understanding the basics of vegan milk making. In case you have more questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions About What Do You Need to Make Vegan Milk?

  • Do you need to refrigerate plant milk?

Ans. If you wish to consume it within a few hours, then there is no need for refrigeration. However, if you wish to use plant milk for a longer time, storing it in the refrigerator is the best option. 

  • Can you make your own plant-based milk?

Ans. Yes. Making your plant based milk requires simple and easily available ingredients and tools.  

  • Is it cheaper to make your own vegan milk?

Ans. Making your own plant milk is much cheaper than buying it from stores. It is also much better because it does not have any preservatives and other additives.

  • Can I make plant-based milk in a blender?

Ans. Yes, blender can be used to make any type of plant milk, be it soy, almond, coconut or any other. 

  • How long does homemade vegan milk last?

Ans. Stored properly, homemade vegan milk can last in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Keep your plant milk in an airtight jar and place it in the refrigerator.  

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